How does it work?

Each flooring is unique to the customer. Your flooring is made to your requested dimensions, meaning you can customise this in any way you like. Your order will be passed to one of our experts, who will send a proof image to you via email. This image will show you how your mural will look scaled to your dimensions. If you would like any design changes making, we are more than happy to accommodate your requests.

You will also be sent an invoice which contains a breakdown of costs and payment information.

How wide are the strips?

Our flooring is printed in strips measuring 1.4m in width. During installation, any excess can simply be trimmed away.

How can I get in touch with you?

For any advice, support or enquiries, please email contact@atrafloor.com and a member of our dedicated service team will be in touch within 24 hours.

How much does the flooring cost?

Flooring is priced depending on the size of your order. To obtain a quote, please send over your dimensions, and we will be happy to outline these costs for you.

Do your prices include VAT?

Yes, all prices shown on the website are net and include VAT in the price. Depending on your location, we can deduct this from your total order value.

Will my flooring come with an installation guide?

Yes, your floor will arrive with a detailed installation guide enclosed.

Yes, our flooring can be used in a bathroom. To find more information on installation and surface preparation guide click here.

Will the colours on the screen match the finished product?

The colours shown on screen are accurate as to the final printed product, yes. There can be some variation between computer monitors which is worth bearing in mind due to brightness and colour intensity, however this is usually very minimal. If you have any specific concerns about colour matching, we can provide a printed sample for you before you make the final order.

How long will my order take to arrive?

Our standard lead time is around 15 working days, but this can vary based on your location. For more information about our shipping times, please click here.