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Made for easy installation

Our flooring is designed and engineered to make installation simple. Atrafloor is a sheet vinyl product requiring only standard installation techniques. It can be installed by any flooring fitter or competent DIY person.

Our installation guide gives detailed instructions, and the summary we have provided below gives a quick overview. Our care guide, provides information on how to look after your flooring.

Tools you'll need

• Knife
• Cold Weld Liquid
• Adhesive
• Masking Tape
• Straight Edge Rule

Laying your floor

Atrafloor arrives in 1.4m wide rolls. Multiple rolls fit together easily, and our cold weld sealing method makes joins virtually invisible.

When installing multiple strips, overlap panels by 20mm and visually match the floor until pattern match is achieved. This process is similar to what you would do when matching wallpaper.

Surface preparation

Laying on wood
Lay 4-6mm plywood in the room. Install Atrafloor on top.

Laying on concrete
Atrafloor can be installed directly onto level concrete.

Laying on tile
Apply a self-levelling compound. Install Atrafloor on top.

Gluing the floor

For high traffic areas and rooms over 15 sqm, we recommend gluing your flooring down using Ball F44 adhesive. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and apply evenly to the floor. Fit a single roll at a time and repeat for additional rolls.

Sealing & finishing

Using a sharp knife, overlapped panels should be double cut to create a tight seam in the floor that is almost invisible. Cold weld solution can then be applied on the seam to seal the floor and make it watertight.
Use a bolster chisel to press the vinyl against the skirting board and cut away excess with a sharp knife.

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