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Our Story

Great design, on floors

Our mission is to offer superb design on cutting-edge new products. We design our flooring to improve the experience people have in the spaces they occupy. We think that flooring is often overlooked as a design solution, and we’re committed to making it an exciting, innovative and fun part of interior design.

How we do it

We’re passionate about design and product innovation. We combine the latest design trends with pioneering new manufacturing processes to create Atrafloor.

What is Atrafloor?

Atrafloor is a durable printed vinyl flooring that can produce a limitless range of design options. It is a world first, and world leader in floor design. Because we custom print every order, we don’t need to hold stock. This means we can offer a more innovative, creative and wider selection of flooring design than anyone else.

Driven by our values

Be Remarkable: We aim for excellence in everything we do.
Customer Focus: We make decisions based around you.
Be a Pioneer: Our innovative approach drives us to constantly improve our products and service.


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